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WHERE THE BLUE GRASS GROWS…and so ad infinitum

24 Apr 2014 by In

WHERE THE BLUE GRASS GROWS...and so ad infinitum

Director / Choreographer

Loosely following the brother Kapeck's The Insect Play, woven into dialogue with other Central European texts including; The Power of the Powerless  by Vaclav Havel, Too Loud a Solitude by Hrabel, and Dita Saxova by Lustig, the piece questions censorship, waste, and individuality on personal, familial, and political levels. 

Set in a junkyard with music that mixes a live rock band with esoteric spinning and projected film, the audiences shares the performance space creating their own seats out of discarded junk. The performers weave throughout engaging in highly physical movement with various objects, painting an entire wall with graffiti, writing poems all over each others bodies, and filling every inch of the space with garbage that audience and performers alike must crawl through.

Concept/Choreography/Direction: Meryl Murman
Original Music Composition: Will Van Dyke

Assistant Director/Co-Writer: Josh Halloway
Lighting and Projection Design: Brian Kim
Audio Design: David Herman
Set: Andrew Yanni
Costume: Drue Koran, Sarah Golden
Properties: Amy Rubin
Technical Direction: Jared Goldstein

Performers: Daryl Getman, Peter Porte, Randy Blair, Carlos Ibarra, Jamie King, Ben Kamino, Josh Armstrong, Jessica Laney, Brian Cheng, Neville Braithwaite, Christin Meador, Maranda Barskey, Vanessa Villegas.