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We Three Kings

25 Mar 2014 by In

We Three Kings

Director / Choreographer / Conceptual

As an old man lies dying on the eve of a great storm, memories from his life intersect with the dreams of a young girl creating a tapestry of interwoven fact and fiction, documentation and lore reflecting a multi-perspectival history of Southern Lousiana, and its continual resilience in the wake of tragedy.

Through a mixture of live performance, fictional movement-based film, dialogue, song, and interviewed documentation of Katrina survivors and their continued efforts to rebuild both urban New Orleans and rural Louisiana in 2007, the piece offers a plethora of perspectives on the re-construction of New Orleans. Reflecting the controversial conflicted history of the city, and the rich melting pot of cultures in it, the piece both presents pertinent questions and celebrates the re-birth of the Crescent City. 

Co-created and written: Emilie Whelan and Meryl Murman
Directed/Choreographed: Meryl Murman
Original Music: Will Van Dyke
Cinematography: Nick Slie
Editor: Meryl Murman
Producer: Scott Graveman
Production Coordinator: Neville Braithwaite
Assistant Editor: Alex Fjellberg Swerdlowe
Effects and Color: Johnny Quinn Alston
Audio: David Herman and David Chakman
Technical Direction: David Chackman
Programming: Dominique Saulet and David Chackman
Costumes: Drue Koran and Meryl Murman
Production Coordinator: Maranda Barsky
Live Performance: E'myri Lee Crutchfield and Mike Havenar

Filmed Performance:  E'myri Lee Crutchfield, Mike Havenar, Kelly Matthews, Katryn Schmidt, Jorge Lopez, Joey Bonhage, Lord David, Jessica Laney, Jordan Vance Smith, David Greber, Aleh Neliubin, Jimmy Udo, Andrew Vaught, Jennifer Pagan, Katie Gelfand, Dennis Monn, Slimm, Eric Namaky.