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Ways of Forgetting

28 Apr 2014 by In

ways of forgetting

Director / Choreographer

ways of forgetting invites us into the colorful, neurotic, wacky world of the closeted imaginations of six young people who are on the run – though they don’t know where to. Certain that humans descended from birds, obsessed with social networks, and longing for human connection in spite of an acute awareness of the brutality of intimacy, they confront the performativity of social networks, question the roles of privacy/publicity in the age of the internet, and grapple with trying to redefine a religion for atheists. Their search for tenderness simultaneously encompasses their desire to escape out the back door of the theater, hitch the next ride out of town, and forget themselves.
ways of forgetting is about those moments when we are standing on the edge of a precipice between loneliness and revelation. It is a piece about almost getting that kiss, and those kisses we never did get -because we were too afraid of ourselves- that haunt us.
Created collaboratively with the performers through my own devised performance technique of the ‘filtered/un-filtered’ self, the piece is a mixture of improvisation and structured material. It was originally staged site specifically and moves between an outdoor and indoor space. It is sight adaptive - and can be re-staged in a variety of theatrical and non-theatrical contexts, but will move the audience from out to in to out, and will exist on two sides of a portal connecting an inside space with the outdoor world

Choreography: Meryl Murman


Created and Performed by: Jake Harkey, Ryan Masson, Julian Martinez, Yanina Orelleana, Alan Perez, Phillip Rush, Naomi Greene, Devon Taylor, Mochi Robinson, Amir Oosman


Original Composition by Amir Oosman and Naomi Greene


Lighting: Chu-Hsuan, Seth, Chang


Set: Mark Kanieff


Costumes: David Moyer


Sound Design: Amir Oosman


Stage Manager: TaiReikca Glover


Graphi Designer: Jono Freeman


Rehearsal Assistant: Gregory Dorado

photo credit: DAG Photography