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The Stop Suffering Project (and other inquiries)

11 Oct 2015 by In

The Stop Suffering Project (and other inquiries)


Welcome to the Suffering Center. Where mythology and modern technology collide through unconventional acts of intimacy and isolation, brutality and self-care, pain and pleasure. A staff of young professionals well versed in the art of self-torture will be on site to guide you through a wacky roller coaster ride of interactions with people on the brink, bored to death, longing for love, and determined to self-destruct. Please bring your Apple ID and show up fifteen minutes early to fill out paper work at the pity party out back. (Trombone therapy not covered by most insurers. Tips appreciated.)
Choreography - Meryl Murman
Created and Performed by - Monica Mata Gilliam, Sam Ernst, Yanina Orelleana, Jake Harkey, Ann Glaviano, Brieze Levy, Colin Myers

Composed and Trombone Performance - Colin Myers

Lighting - Evan Spigelman

Costume - Sarah Zanolli

photo credit: Christian Hardy