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The Lipstick

22 Feb 2015 by In

The Lipstick


Six individuals test the limits of their comfort zones and their bodies through rigorous athleticism and aggressive sensuality to confront and contest systems of assimilation and integration. Armed with only a bullet of red lipstick, they transgress borders, binaries, and the complex relationship between identity and geography. Daring, discomfiting and darkly hilarious, The Lipstick presents mystic possibilities of cosmetic transformation while dancing the fine line between what is sacred and profane. It recognizes how strong the desire to belong is, and how potentially dangerous that can be.

Choreography: Meryl Murman
Created with and performed by: Calvin Rowe, Phillip Rush, Jake Harkey, Alan Perez, Eric Namaky, Julian Martinez, David Llorca, Gregory Dorado, Cameron Mitchell Ware
Original composition and violin performance by: Rebecca Crenshaw
Lighting: Chu-hsuan Chang
Sound Design: Trey Chandler
Rehearsal Assistant: Sam Ernst
Contributing artists: Kira Matica, Caroline Aubry, Joelle Aubry and Ramzi Hibri.
Work in progress showing lighting: Evan Spigelman, Christian Hardy