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02 Sep 2014 by In



A hyper-sexual hyper-absurd exploration of the act of performing power, pleasure, sex and anarchy. Combining a gestural and contemporary dance vocabulary, the piece explores the clinical definition of the people-pleasure syndrome and its relationship to performance practices throughout history; from vaudeville, to punk, to vogue to twerking. Like a three ring circus the piece circles around a multitude of definitions of the color red, twisting and writhing through a coy blush, the seedy red-light district, the blaring police siren, love, lust, propaganda and blood.
Choreography: Meryl Murman
Performed by: Prince Spicer, Stephen Patterson, Caitlin Adams, Sarah Cook, and Gregory Dorado.

Voiceovers: Naomi Greene and Ramzi Hibri

Lighting: Chu-Hsuan, Seth, Cheng

Costumes: Amy Priscilla Millan

Rehearsal Assistant: Patrice Roth