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Paper Cranes and Pendulum

24 Mar 2014 by In

Paper Cranes and Pendulum

Director / Choreographer

They were all him. They were all her. 
Everyone of them. Him and her. 
They all just had different names, different faces, different color hair…but they were all him and all her.
It was just a story about a boy and a girl.

Director of Photography: Christian Hardy
Second Camera/Gaffer: Michelle Nicolette Kowalski
Juliet: Daryl Getman, Stephanie Rubinato, Christin Meador, Risa Sarachan, E'myri Lee Crutchfield
Supporting: Jorge Lopez, Jhon Kristopher, Eric Namaky, Dominique Saulet, Kei Tsuruharatani, Neville Braithwaite, Brian Cheng, Akeem Baisden-Folkes, Sam Ernst, Brendan Drake, Danny Henning, Liz Baumgartner, Caitlin Josephine Hargraves, Maki Shinagawa