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Le Pain (Stage)

25 Mar 2014 by In

Le Pain (Stage)


Le Pain is about two empty people trying to fill up.

It is about pain, pleasure, addiction, denial, and the vicious cycle of hunger that pushes individuals to prey on each other.

Performed by Jordon Waters and Gregory Dorado using a chair and loaf of bread, Le Pain offers audiences a short ride on a fast machine, jostling them between a performance that is provoking yet hilarious, disconcerting and uncomfortable, yet deeply thoughtful and full of heart. Minimal and raw, it is dance theater that ultimately transforms.

Le Pain explores tropes of masculinity, competition and carnage through the human body. I am interested in dance as a wound, how physically one can push oneself to the point of exhaustion and submission, to the point of doing violence to the body, as so many addictions do.  In the process I was focused on what were not only physical images, but physical tests of endurance, strength, exhaustion that could serve as a metaphor for the cross we bear when shouldering someone through an addiction, and often in turn becoming addicted to our relationship with the addict ourselves. 

I am also interested in the relationship between deception and addiction, and how physically the human body performs ‘denial’ and perpetuates self-deceit even on the most micro-musculature of levels. 

Absurd, funny and tragic, its message is intimate and relatable. We are all hungry and a little bit empty. We are all trying to fill up.

Choreographer: Meryl Murman
Devised with and Performed by: Gregory Dorado and Jordon Waters
Cameo: Phillip Rush
Lighting: Iain Court

photo credit: Scott Groller