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Le Pain (Film)

24 Mar 2014 by In

Le Pain (Film)

Director / Choreographer

Once upon a time in New Orleans Louisiana, Jordon and Greg find themselves stuck in an old church with a loaf of bread and some chairs.  A little bit empty, and suffering from self deceit, they tease, torment and prey on one another.  
"A Feast of Creative Choreography from New Orleans"
EEFF (East End Film Festival)
St. Tropez International Film Festival
Nominations - Best Lead Actor, Best Sound Design, Best Music Integration
East End Film Festival
Winner of Audience Choice for category Everybody Dance Shorts, co-presented by BalletBoyz
Washington DC Independent Film Festival
Created/Directed/Choreographed: Meryl Murman

in collaboration with and performed by: Gregory Dorado and Jordon Waters
Director of Photography: Christian Hardy
Executive Producer: Dominique Saulet
Co-producer: Trey Chandler
Original Composition: Amir Oosman, Naomi Greene
Sound: David Bear and Rabb Whitehead
Edited: Meryl Murman and Ramzi Hibri
Assistant Editors: Heather O'Neil, Phillip Rush, Whitney Bennett
Colorist: Joseph Lombardi
Motion Graphics: Aaron Asbury
Assistant Choreographer/Director: Beth Crandall
B-Cam/Gaffer: Katrienne Soulagnet
C-Cam/DIT: Hancock Walker

D Camera Operator/Lighting Tech: Trey Chandler

E Camera Operator: Jordon Waters

Jib and Lighting Tech: Charlie Walker

Lighting Tech: Jordan Cabot, Scott McKibben, Nigel Columbus, Kristen Lee Stokes, Blake Palmintier

Sound Op: David Bear, Nicky Lawson, Mikale de Graff, Ethan Seabury-Kolod, Ted Moree
Associate Producers: Rachel Perlis, Rob Morrison, Nick Leon, Roy Farthing, Blake Palmintier, Rabb Whitehead, Dave Hurlbert and the Marigny Opera House, 1239 Congress, Anthony Consolazio, Stewart Troupe
Supporting Cast: Phillip Rush, Monica Mata Gilliam, Ann Glaviano, Anna Schwab,Yanina Orelleana, Devon Taylor, Mochi Robinson, Amir Oosman, Calvin Rowe, Beth Crandall, Nigel Columbus, Gretchen Erickson, Gabriel Alejandro Cavallini, AJ Greenberg, Skyler Stroup