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Artist Statement

I am addicted to questions without answers.


I perceive my art as many complex ideas constantly attacking each other. I am not setting up a context for resolution. I am digging deeper for more questions.


My art responds to modern life through juxtaposition, eclecticism and collage. The world is inundated with sensory stimuli and vivid imagery. Continually I try to make connections between all the mixed messages, and strive to create art that grabs an audience by surprise, intensely acting upon them through a fury of elements, senses, and ideas in much the same way the brutality of modern life does.


It is the intimacy of the journey to discover, risk and reveal the poetry in the complexities and contradictions of the human condition that both performer and audience share that is most essential to my art. 


I want the audience to care, I want the audience to play, and I want the audience to leave with more questions.


In order to do this I continue to break down the division between spectator and performance through humor, through vulnerable risky performances, through revealing theatrical apparatuses, and through audience interaction in the performance.


I strive to create art that will transform a passive audience into an active one; into an audience that will play, laugh, hold their breath, look deeply inwards, and ultimately walk away with their brain swimming and feeling a little bit like they just got off a roller coaster ride.




photo credit DAG Photography