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The Lipstick 

50 min gender queering dance accompanied by solo violin and a tube of lipstick
Oct 2016 National premier Contemporary Art Center 40th Anniversary Season, New Orleans LA
June 2016 presented at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Germany
Feb 2015 presented as part of a panel on dance and phenomenology at the International Colloquium for 20/21st Century French and Francophone Studies, Baton Rouge LA
Developed through Artistic Residencies at Dancing Grounds 2015 New Orleans and Live Oak 2016 New Orleans

Six individuals test the limits of their comfort zones and their bodies through rigorous athleticism and aggressive sensuality to confront and contest systems of assimilation and integration.

The Stop Suffering Project (and other inquiries) 

40 min experiential dance performance
November 2015 first staged workshop presented by Dancing Grounds as part of eDGe Contemporary Dance Festival and the Faux/Real Festival, New Orleans, LA

What is suffering? Is it possible to stop suffering? The Stop Suffering Project is a series of experimental inquiries fusing a variety of healing practices facilitated by collaborations with Eastern Healing Practitioner Monica Mata Gilliam, communal discourse on the human condition of suffering within the community of New Orleans, and performance practices that invoke or provoke the art of suffering. This first workshop of the piece is an experimental and experiential performative laboratory engaging the audience physically and actively with these questions.


10min dance theater
May 2014 REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

Rouge explores the psychotic tendency known as the people-pleaser syndrome, and its relationship to Sadomasochism and the act of performance through punk-culture and hyper absurdity.

le Pain (film)

40min dance film shot in New Orleans, LA
May 2015 World Premier St. Tropez International Film Festival, Nice France
July 2015 UK Premier East End Film Festival, London England
March 2016 US Premier Washington DC Independent Film Festival

Once upon a time in New Orleans Louisiana, Jordon and Greg find themselves stuck in an old church with a loaf of bread and some chairs. A little bit empty, and suffering from self deceit, they tease, torment and prey on one another.

ways of forgetting 

60 min dance theater.
March 2014, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA.

ways of forgetting is comprised of a series of vignettes, ever slightly connected and disconnected in much the same way relationships are to the people in our lives; the ones we love, the ones whom we meet briefly in passing for an evening, and the strangers we pass on the street.
Whimsical, athletic, and at times funny, it forces us to question deeply why and how we make ourselves lonely.

Le Pain (stage)

25min male duet
May 2013, California Institute for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA.
January 2013 National Performance Network Annual Conference New Orleans, LA

Le Pain is about two empty people trying to fill up.

Paper Cranes and Pendulum

Feature length Dance Narrative Film
2010 - 2012, New Orleans, LA.

Broken Wings Productions

Death on a Stage is Just a Made Up Lie

15min quartet 
November 2012, California Institute for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA.

Death on a Stage is Just a Made Up Lie investigates 'Tarantism' - dancing mania- that was said to be the cause of insanity or death.

Broken Doll

6min Solo
2011 Emerging Arts Platform, White Box Theater NYC

She was broken in the hips, unwound in the waist, and when you looked her face was cracked where the tear should be. Perfect was the doll that the broken woman cracked. 

Dream of Birds

12min dance theater
2011 Emerging Arts Platform, White Box Theater NYC

Don't fall asleep in parks. A crow may lay an egg in your head. 

Please Don't Lie

10min duet
2012, Emerging Arts Platform, 440 Studios NYC

What is eternal about a relationship but the silent lies that govern it? And the lingering sense of nostalgia, pain and neurosis that our lies cause?  


We Three Kings

60min six-feed interactive video sculpture and performance installation
2007-2009, Developed through residencies at Convergence Center for the Arts and Homespace in New Orleans Louisiana, and IRT in NYC.  Presented at Fusebox Festival in Austin TX, and the State of the Nation Art and Performance Festival in New Orleans, LA.

An old man lies dying on the eve of a great storm, memories from his life intersect with the dreams of a young girl creating a tapestry of interwoven fact and fiction

Camera for Public Use

Site-specific interactive dance and photography installation.
April 2008, Bangor Maine. Through residency at the University of Maine, Bangor.

Created on various historical landmarks in downtown Bangor.

WHERE THE BLUE GRASS GROWS...and so ad infinitum

90min dance-theater
2005 Clemente-Soto Velez, NYC

Highly physical movement set in a junkyard to a rock band mixed with esoteric spinning and a blend of literary and political Central European texts; the piece explores the ideas of censorship, waste and identity.

Troilus and Cressida

140min deconstruction of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida
2004 Soho Rep, NYC

A deconstruction of what critics deem Shakespeare's 'most controversial play,' set site-specifically in a New Orleans themed bar.